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If you and your spouse are in agreement with the terms of your Mississippi Uncontested Divorce, we will custom prepare your uncontested divorce documents and deliver them to you for filing within three business days! All you have to do is file your divorce and then appear in court to have your divorce finalized. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE! Our skilled paralegals will prepare your cheap Mississippi divorce forms using the latest court approved forms for the county you are filing in. Our documents are attorney- approve and are GUARANTEED to be accepted for filing or your money back!

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What are the grounds for an uncontested divorce in Mississippi?

The most common ground for an uncontested divorce in Mississippi is "irreconcilable differences." In order to proceed on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, the parties must each agree to the divorce and must reach a written agreement providing for the custody and the maintenance of their children under 21, if any, and divide their property and debt. After filing the Complaint for Divorce, there is a sixty (60) day waiting period before the Court may grant a divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

What if I cannot locate my spouse to sign the divorce papers?

(Mississippi Missing Spouse Divorce)

If you cannot locate your spouse, you may still obtain a Mississippi Divorce by Publication, even if there were children born from the marriage. To obtain a Divorce by Publication you must run a legal notice in your local newspaper in order to serve your spouse. After the legal notice has been published in your local newspaper, your spouse will be considered legally served, and you can get your divorce finalized. Likewise, if your spouse has abandoned you or is a fugitive from justice, the divorce by publication is an option for you in Mississippi. If you cannot locate your spouse and want a divorce, or if your spouse is incarcerated, contact us today and we will prepare your Divorce by publication and the legal notice to be placed in the newspaper.

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